Wagons West

Team Size:

10 - 1000

Space Requirements:



1hrs - 3

Physical Challenge:


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Corporate Teams delivers an engaging, fun and fast-moving team building program that keeps teams on their toes. Collaboration is key to success! Our master facilitators manage your team through a series of objectives that result in the gift of a wagon for a child in need.

What Makes Corporate Teams Your Choice of Provider?

  • Our commitment is to deliver a high impact team building program that has the opportunity to build a bridge to an on-going collaboration with your company.
  • Master Facilitation — We recognize that this is not just an ‘event’. Our programming is about building teams, incorporating strategic and collaborative team building challenges, and giving back to the community. We are seasoned facilitators that deliver high impact team/leader programming.
  • Superior Management —Corporate Teams takes care of everything behind the scenes. Coordination includes: Client Requirements; Program Delivery and Facilitation; Venue Logistics; Recipient Organization and Logistics; Recipient Involvement On-Site; Equipment Safety.
  • Strategic Team Adventure Challenges — Complex, Strategic, and Highly Collaborative Team Initiatives that Promote ‘Balanced Teamwork’ for High Performing Teams
  • Facilitation Team —Full Team of Facilitators Experienced in Meaningful Teambuilding Programming to Ensure a Well-Organized Program and Delivery of Key Team Takeaways. Our ratio is one facilitator to every 25 participants. Teambuilding can be monitored, observed, and debriefed more effectively with a full facilitation team.
  • Post Program Slideshow — Up to 80 High Energy Photos of the Event in a Music Slideshow for Participants

Program Overview

Strategic Team Challenges

Teams engage in 3-5 intensely collaborative 'active' problem-solving challenges that require strategic thinking and effective communications.

Wagon Building

Sounds easy? Guess again! Teams must successfully complete each Strategic Team Challenge to 'earn' parts for the wagon.

Creativity & Packaging

Remember that the 'best looking package' is usually selected first! Each team will be supplied with lots of fun decorations to package the wagon. A customized and heartfelt greeting card designed by the team will inspire your recipient child!

The BIG Surprise!

Participants will think the wagons are being delivered to the children later after the program. Instead, behind the scene, the recipient children will be brought to the meeting venue to receive their wagons. The kids do not know they are getting a new wagon and the participants are unaware the kids will be on-site. What happens? Not a dry eye in the house as the two groups are brought together for the BIG surprise!

Requirements & Logistics

We require a minimum of three weeks to coordinate this event.  Working collaboratively with your team organizer, we will determine the appropriate number of Wagons to be assembled, the number of teams, level of collaborative team activities and the recipient charitable organization(s).  Each program is customized to fit the timeframe and objectives of the organization.

The program can be conducted indoors or outdoors.  From corporate conference rooms to hotel ballrooms and city parks, we deliver the Wagons West event virtually anywhere.  In order to keep an element of surprise, we recommend that the participants and recipients are not told that they will be coming together.  The spontaneity of that moment is so much more impactful when both parties are surprised!

Corporate Teams manages all the work behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about anything. Materials and supplies delivery to the chosen meeting venue; venue management and logistics/set-up; coordination with the selected recipient organization; transportation of care packages post program; integration of team objectives into the program delivery; and fine-tuning of programming to fit the timeframe and needs of your team. Your job is to show up and move into action!