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Bikes, Trikes, Wagons, Gift Baskets, Military Care Packages, and Rocking Horses are just some of the options for your team to build and create! Events are customizable for teams from small business leadership groups to large groups of 500+. Browse by location or event type.

Give back to your community while building teams!

Looking for intensely collaborative, fast-paced, dynamic, teambuilding
experiences while making a heartfelt difference in the community? Have your team engage in one of our Charity Team Challenges that take teams on wildly fun adventure while touching the lives of those in need.

Charity Team Challenges! Your team objectives is to multi-task and manage a variety of activities with the end result a meaningful team gift to needy recipients in the community. Bikes, Trikes, Wagons, Gift Baskets, Military Care Packages, and Rocking Horses are just some of the options for your team to build and create!

From one hour to half-day teambuilding programs, Charity Team Challenges bring together members of the team while making a big impact on the lives of those in the local community.

Charity Team Challenges Rules of Engagement:

Your team challenge is to earn ‘parts’ that will create your community gift by
completing a series of Strategic Team Challenges. Don’t forget Creativity! Each team will compete for the ‘best packaged’ gift and most ‘heartfelt’ gift card.

  1. Strategic Team Challenges:
    Each team will engage in 4-7 intensely collaborative team challenges that require strategic thinking and effective communication.
  2. Create and Build Your Gift:
    Whatever the chosen recipient gift, each team will earn the parts, materials and supplies to create and build the perfect gift. Keep your eyes open to the possibilities!
  3. Decorate Your Gift:
    Not all gifts are created equal! Each team will be supplied with a variety of colorful decorations to design and package the best gift.
  4. Heartfelt Team Message:
    Each team will create a customized greeting card that inspires the recipient.

Charity Team Event Logistics:

  1. Where do the Events take place?
    Charity Team Challenges can be held on-site at your company location, off-site at a meeting location or hotel venue, outdoors, or at the recipient group’s location.
  2. Optimal Team Size:
    We keep our team sizes small to ensure that all team members are actively engaged during the entire event. We recommend teams of 4-6.
  3. Introduction and Foundation Setting:
    Each program begins with a Foundation Building segment that highlights the four key areas to achieve TEAM Balance. Think; Engage; Activate; and Manage are all areas that require attention during group process and problem solving. It’s not the fastest teams that perform the best – it’s the smartest teams!
  4. Team Briefing:
    Once the Foundation has been set, teams will be briefed on the rules of engagement. Teams will be stationed around table rounds ready to move into action!
  5. Teams Move into Action:
    Ready, Set, Action! Teams will stay on their toes as they manage their Strategic Team Challenges, building their gift, decorating/packaging and creating the customized greeting card. It’s fast, dynamic, and fun as teams engage in collaborative teambuilding and demonstrate their creativity!
  6. Program Conclusion:
    After all the gifts have been built and packaged, there is the option of having the recipients on-site to receive their gifts or we can manage the transport of the finished gifts to the recipients. When possible, we recommend that your team not be told that recipients will be on-site at the end of the event. There is nothing more magical and moving than the team witnessing the entry of equally surprised recipients as the two groups come together in the gift exchange!